Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Reopened

Inspired by what happened at the Clear Mountain Institute Professor Xavier decided to reopen the school to new students[1], Dead Girl was one of the many new students that joined the reopened school.[2]

The school was attacked by Alpha Red who turned almost everyone into a vampire, he used Cerebro to spread the Darkhold Program all around the world to incite fear into everyone, and gain control of all the vampires, Dead Girl was one of the few students that wasn't turned into a vampire, alongside Beast, Dead Girl and a few other students were able to escape to a protected room.[3]

Due to the nature of her powers not letting her be affected by the supernatural, Beast asked Dead Girl to use Cerebro and interact with the Darkhold Program to reverse the effects and stop Alpha Red, she went into the program and while there she found the Darkhold Dwarf, the Dwarf gave her two options, to either see her friends die, or get rid of all the vampires, Professor Xavier was able to contact her telepathically, and along with Beast and Storm tried to counsel her on what was the better path to take, with Storm telling her to get rid of the vampires, and Beast telling her she had to find another way to fix what was happening, the Dwarf then cut the psychic connection to Professor Xavier, and told her she had to decide for herself, pressured with the lives of her friends on the line, Dead Girl decided to say no more vampires, effectively riding the world of all vampires and saving her friends.[4]


Seemingly those of Dead Girl (Moonbeam) from Earth-616.

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