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Quote1.png It looks like the Man-Thing may have a new friend in Jennifer Kale... whaddaya wanna bet that their friendship's gonna cost 'em both... plenty? Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Dark Lady"

Featured Characters:

  • Jennifer Kale

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Digger

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "The Dark Lady"

Digger narrates another chilling tale of the Man-Thing. He is digging four shallow graves, but decides to wait until his tale is completed before revealing who they are for.

Jennifer Kale checks on her little brother Andy and finds him drawing images of the Man-Thing with his crayons. Jen asks him who the pictures are of and Andy tells her that "He's my friend, Jen". Leaving Andy to his drawings, Jen leaves for work. She is an exotic dancer at a small establishment called the Juicy Orange. Her stage name is Witch Woman. What the men ogling her don't realize however, is that "Witch Woman" is more than simply her stage name.
After work, Jen leaves the bar and waits for a bus. One of the patrons, Tim Rock, approaches her and offers her a ride home. Jen politely declines the offer, but Tim presses the issue. Jen looks over towards his car and sees three other men inside. Tim beats Jen across the back of the head, knocking her unconscious. His friends and he load her up in their car and take her to a small cabin. When she awakens, she finds herself tied to a folding chair. Tim and his friends enter the room with thoughts of violating her. Jen addresses each of the would-be rapists by name, even though nobody ever told her their names. She then casts a spell of illusion which makes her appear as a winged demon. The four men are terrified and race out of the cabin into the swamps. There they encounter the Man-Thing who instinctively realizes that these men are evil and must be killed. He easily tears through them, dismembering each of them in turn. He saves Tim Rock for last and uses his burning touch to kill him. Jennifer looks on silently. She recognizes the Man-Thing from Andy's drawings.

Digger finishes his story and reveals that he has prepared graves for Blake Sims, Martin Levy, Steve Duffy and Tim Rock.


  • This limited series is published under Marvel's MAX imprint and is suggested for mature readers.
  • Although the title of this series features the Man-Thing, he is actually a supporting character in this issue. This issue focuses on Jennifer Kale.


  • This issue retroactively establishes that Jennifer Kale was once an exotic dancer. It also reveals that the metal bikini that Jen traditionally wore during the Bronze Age is actually her stage outfit.

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