Quote1.png Now listen up: I want everything in this godforsaken swamp dead. The Man-Thing's mine... but every other living thing dies, too. Quote2.png
-- Ellen Brandt

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Synopsis for "No Such Thing"

Digger grabs a tub of popcorn and some "Dead-Vee-Dees" and sits down for another tale of terror best told in the dead of night...

Amateur documentarian Jacob Knoll and his partner Jeff are in the swamps of Citrusville, Florida on the hunt for the legendary Man-Thing. While Jacob provides a narrative, Jeff films the affair with his digital camera. Also in attendance are Diane Arlington and her friend Stella. They interview several townsfolk, but nobody can really give any certifiable credence to the legend. Traveling deeper into the swamp, they do in fact come upon an empty husk in the shape of the Man-Thing. They theorize that the creature has the ability to shed its skin like a snake and take on a new form.
As night falls, Diane wanders off into the swamp. She peers through some bushes and finds Jennifer Kale and her little brother Andy standing before the genuine Man-Thing. The Man-Thing stands motionless and doesn't make a sound. Diane screams in fright and runs back towards the camp. When she arrives, she finds a group of mutated humans circling the tents. One of them grabs her, and another stabs her through the shoulder with a spear. While Jake is being strangled and Jeff is dragged away, Stella finds a handgun and shoots one of the attacking freaks.
The Man-Thing emerges from the brush and when he does everyone stops fighting. Miraculously, Jake and his friends are still alive. They stare at the creature in shock, but do not provoke him. After several tense minutes, the Man-Thing turns and lumbers off.
Minutes later, the disfigured Ellen Brandt arrives with a team of armed agents. They shoot Jake, Jeff, Diane and Stella to death. Ellen declares that everything in the swamp will be executed until she can find the Man-Thing.


  • This limited series is published under Marvel's MAX imprint and is suggested for mature readers.
  • The ability to shed its form and leaving an empty husk behind is not a power commonly attributed to the Man-Thing. In fact, it is actually a trait possessed by Manny's DC Comics counterpart the Swamp Thing.

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