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Quote1.png You know, folks are always asking me... "Digger, what the hairy heck is a Man-Thing?" Quote2.png

Appearing in "Dread Reckoning"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Andy Kale
  • Jennifer Kale


  • A.I.M.
    • Ellen Brandt (Death)
    • Callahan (Death)
    • Davis (Death)
    • Henrickson (Death)
    • Shepard (Death)
  • Swamp Mutants

Other Characters:

  • Digger (Host)

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Dread Reckoning"

Digger checks the clock at the Tower of Shadows and realizes that it will soon be time to start working the "graveyard shift". Until then, he decides to weave another tale best told in the dead of night.

In the swamps of Citrusville, Florida, the disfigured Ellen Brandt leads a team of A.I.M. shock troops on a hunt for the Man-Thing. She knows that the Man-Thing was once Ted Sallis and she is determined to destroy him for mutilating her.
Elsewhere in the swamps, Jennifer Kale and her little brother Andy search for the Man-Thing in order to warn the creature of the danger that pursues him. As the A.I.M. agents draw closer, Jennifer creates a mystic circle that renders both Andy and she invisible. The squad marches past them without ever realizing they were there. Next, Jennifer weaves a Spell of Loathing upon the soldiers, forcing them to turn against one another. The five men withdraw their weapons and begin shooting each other. The smell of blood and the sounds of violence alert the other denizens of the swamp - the mutants. Four disfigured abominations emerge from the muck and attack the wounded soldiers. They finish them off and begin devouring their entrails.
Brandt and her second-in-command, Shepard, leave the safety of their base camp and begin hunting the Man-Thing on their own. They finally stumble upon the creature and Brandt lets loose with a flame-thrower. The Man-Thing grabs Shepard and snaps his neck. Brandt walks right up to the Man-Thing and speaks to him with words that spark a partial memory. Though she is not afraid of him, the Man-Thing recognizes her as a woman that has caused him great pain. He grabs her in his arms, and his mass engulfs her. Satisfied that the Man-Thing is safe, Jennifer and Andy return to their home.

Digger concludes his tale in the cemetery outside the Tower of Shadows. He invites the reader to take a ride down to Citrusville some time so that they might catch a glimpse of the legendary Man-Thing.


  • This limited series is published under Marvel's MAX imprint and is suggested for mature readers.
  • Final issue.
  • The events from this issue take place one year after the events from issue #1.
  • Ted Sallis' original project is referred to as SSS-2 in this issue. Presumably, this stands for "Super-Soldier Serum 2".

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