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Jess Duncan
My painting? You must've been dreaming, Harmony. No one's damaged the painting. There's nothing wrong with it at all.
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Harmony Maxwell
Nothing? I wouldn't be too sure of that, Jess... I don't think he was smiling before!
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Appearing in "Enter: The Scarecrow"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • security guard (Death)




Synopsis for "Enter: The Scarecrow"

Members of the Cult of Kalumai break into a warehouse to steal a valued painting. The image on the painting, a macabre scarecrow, comes to life, leaps out of the painting and attacks the cult members. They try to stop him, but their bullets are ineffective. The Scarecrow mercilessly kills the thieves and peals of hollow laughter echo throughout the room.

Sometime later, the Scarecrow returns to the painting and the item is placed on display at an auction. A collector named Jess Duncan enters a bidding war with another collector named Gregor Rovik. Due to the actions of Jess' friend Dave Monroe, Rovik fails to maintain his bid and Jess wins the auction.

That evening, Gregor Rovik and his colleagues adorn strange robes and masks. These are the symbols of the Cult of Kalumai. They break into Jess' studio apartment in Soho and attempt to steal the painting. What Jess doesn't realize is that beneath the picture of the Scarecrow is an image of the cult's sacred founder, Kalumai. They steal the painting and kidnap Jess' friend Harmony Maxwell. They bring her back to their secret lair where they plan on using her for a human sacrifice to Kalumai. The Scarecrow image re-animates itself and leaps from the painting. He attacks Rovik who turns to flee. Using his power over the elements, the Scarecrow animates a nearby tree, causing it to grab Rovik in its branches. The tree twists and bends the cult leader until it breaks every single bone in his body. By the time the police arrive, they cannot explain the strange, grisly death. The Scarecrow has since returned to his place in the painting.


  • The Scarecrow that appears in this issue is not to be confused with Ebenezer Laughton, a super-villain who also goes by the name of the Scarecrow.
  • Includes a Nightmail editorial by Scott Edelman entitled "A Bit of Rag and a Clump of Straw". Edelman discusses the conceptualization of the Scarecrow.
  • Letterer Marcus Pelayo is credited only as "Marcus" in this issue.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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