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Deadbolt was a member of the Dark Riders under its organization of the villain Genesis.[1] He was seemingly killed in a confrontation with the mutant Wolverine, who violently escaped capture from the Riders. He was actually killed by fellow Dark Rider Spyne's tail.[2]

Deadbolt, along with a few other Dark Riders, was resurrected by Selene by the Transmode Virus.[3]

Later, Deadbolt and the Dark Riders resurfaced and began hunting down mutant healers. This led to a battle between the Riders and Magneto's X-Men. Magneto managed to defeat the Dark Riders, and killed all of them by detonating explosives around them.[4]



Osteokinesis: Deadbolt's physiology was such that he existed as a living skeleton contained within an energy field. He could remove a piece of bone and use it as a weapon while his energy regenerated a new bone within seconds.

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