Quote1.png "So here's what I wanna know... any of the Capes you've met -- do you know one that could scare someone to death? Quote2.png
-- Jimmy Lee

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Synopsis for "Deadline"

A reporter at the Bugle covering "Capes" doesn't like interviewing super-heroes and wants to move into the crime dept. She gets her chance when Betty Brant tips her off about a position opening up and she's got one week to show them she can land a big story. She begins investigating a man referred to as Judge "No Hart" suspected of murdering seven costumed criminals as well as his wife.

Her investigation shows that Michael Hart was a former defense attorney specializing in capes and was good in acquitting capes. Later, he was appointed judge and during his tenure, he became known for convicting capes. Later, in his home, his wife was found dead and Michael Hart cannot be found.

During the investigation of Katherine Farrell, she following a villain Third Rail. Unfortunately, in an alley, Third Rail was waiting for her, but before serious harm was done, the Judge appeared and apparently sucked the life out of Third Rail, saving Farrell.

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