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Quote1.png Tell the world that while The Judge was branded guilty, he will have justice. Quote2.png
The Tinkerer

Appearing in "Deadline, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Deadline, Part 2"

While still trying to crack the story of who killed judge Michael Hart's wife and turned him into a super-villain serial killer, Kat Farrell travels to Doctor Pow's "Hospital" in Chinatown. Doctor Pow treats super-criminals who simply cannot go to a regular doctor or hospital when they are injured and is a news contact of Farrell's. When asked about Micheal Hart, however, Doctor Pow warns Farrell that there is an angry spirit loose in the city and not to cross its path.

After exhausting her other leads, Farrell goes to the Bar with No Name, a bar for super-villains, hoping to get information. Here Bullseye tells her that any super-criminal in the bar would have liked to have seen Hart dead after he became a judge and took a hard stance against super-criminals after formally being a defense lawyer who used to look out for their best interests.

Farrell is later approached by Hart as she was watching a battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus atop the Flatiron Building. He transports her to Central Park and tells her what he remembers of the night of his wife's murder and directs her to the Tinkerer for the rest of the answers she's looking for before teleporting her back to her vehicle.

The Tinkerer claims that he found a nearly lifeless Hart about three months previously and took him back to his lab to try and save his life. He was successful, but claims that he is not responsible for what can back with the judge. He claims that he wants Farrell to tell the world Micheal Hart's story and to tell everyone that he is still seeking justice. Farrell later recounts the entire conversation to her friend and mentor Betty Brant, believing that the Tinkerer is using Hart to find and kill the super-criminal murderer of his son, Rick Mason.

While walking home, Farrell realizes that she is being followed by Tombstone and runs into St. Xavier's Church to avoid him. He finds her, however, and relays a message from his employer, the Kingpin, to leave Hart's case alone before something unfortunate happens to her. After Tombstone leaves, Hart again appears before Farrell and asks her to go with him.

Appearing in "One Night Only! (Don't Forget to Tip Your Waitress) Part One"

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Synopsis for "One Night Only! (Don't Forget to Tip Your Waitress) Part One"

G.M., one of the Daily Bugle's largest advertising sponsors, were shooting an advertisement downtown with Jay Leno. The only stipulation was that Leno would only agree to do the commercial if Spider-Man would do it with him. Leno, however, only agreed to do the ad as a joke, figuring that it was a good excuse to go to New York City for a couple of days and would get his crew a couple of days off work, as he thought that Spider-Man would never show up to do anything as trivial as a car commercial. Leno is somewhat ticked off when Spider-Man does show up to do the ad, but they get on set and prepare to film. Just as they begin the first take, however, a light falls from the ceiling and smashes the car that they were sitting on.

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