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Quote1.png I'd hate to see my first big story come back to bite the Bugle on its ass. And this may sound corny as hell, but maybe sometimes there are more important things than a headline. Quote2.png
Kat Farrell

Appearing in "Deadline, Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Deadline, Part 4"

The police investigate Farrell's apartment after she was sent a package containing her dead goldfish which had been stolen days earlier.

Later that day, she questions the doorman at Michael Hart's apartment building and discovers that Hart had been helped out of the building by a "friend" on the night he went missing. The doorman was told that he was drunk and was being taken to sleep it off.

Back at her apartment, Farrell speaks to her nosy neighbor and discovers that the perpetrator in her apartment was actually a reporter from the Bugle. After she identified Paul Swanson, he is arrested and fired from his job at the Bugle. Afterwards, Farrell goes for a walk with her idol, Ben Urich, and he tells her that she reminds him of himself as a young reporter.

The next day, Farrell has an epiphany and goes to visit the Tinkerer. She accuses the Tinkerer of attacking Hart and killing his wife in retaliation for a super-criminal that Hart had defended as a lawyer killing his son. As the Tinkerer goes to attack Farrell, the pair are separated by the Judge. The Tinkerer eventually confesses to having accidentally killed Hart's wife and injuring him before taking him back to his lab and saving his life. the Judge attempts to kill him in a rage, but his "jury" determines that his heart is clear. The two plan to continue to work together to make the world a better place. Farrell decides not to publish her story in order to protect the Tinkerer from prosecution. She explains her choice to not publish the story to Urich and Betty Brant with Urich telling her a story of a time when he had the opportunity to publish the name of a superhero he knew, but he decided against it.

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