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Quote1.png Y'know... if you've been in the merc game as long as I have, you've probably heard of the Assassins Guild. Big bad cadre of boogymen who kill for money. They put the "ass" in assassin. "But Deadpool," you might say, "you kill for money, too." True... but unlike the guild here, I have a code. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• Deadpool’s quest to beat the rest continues, and this time he’s squaring off against the Assassins Guild in the Big Easy!

• The Merc with the Mouth’s healing factor will get put to the ultimate test when he’s pitted against the knife-wielding speedster called HARVESTER!

• But even if he’s lucky enough to survive that encounter, Deadpool’s actions in this very comics mag will align more than one ne’er-do-well against him… and Harvester’ll look like a walk in the park!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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