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Quote1.png Hm. Something tells me I've wandered into yet another ambush. Quote2.png

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Weasel berates Deadpool for angering the Assassins Guild. Wade retorts that it was Weasel's fault for sending him to protect a villain in the first place. Deadpool is attacked by the Harkspurs and kills them all, Threnody reanimates them as zombies and Wade has to completely dismember them to render them harmless. He chases after Threnody, only to be ambushed by Blackout, who overpowers Deadpool, only to be rendered incapable by Threnody, who sees Wade as her ticket out of the Guild. She tells Wade of the Guild headquarters, which he then infiltrates. After seemingly successfully negotiating a truce with Belladonna in exchange for Threnody's freedom, she and Deadpool turn to leave. Threnody offers to be Wade's friend, and although he rejects her, he allows her to accompany him because he doesn't trust the Guild to not try and kill her.

Solicit Synopsis


• Deadpool’s adventure in New Orleans continues, and the locals want to test their might against the Merc with a Mouth!

• But that ain’t all – Deadpool also draws the ire of the deadliest group of killers with the word “guild” in their name – THE ASSASSINS GUILD!

• And boy, are there are a LOT of them!

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