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Quote1 Friends don't suck other friends' souls. Quote2

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  • Taco Mama Food Truck

Synopsis for 1st story

Deadpool stands over the corpse of Weasel, lamenting his death. He resolves to save Weasel's wife from Threnody and follows a trail of animals killed by Threnody's powers into the sewers, unaware that he is being followed by Blackout. Upon finding Threnody using her powers on Clarice, he asks why and for her to stop. Threnody explains that the reason she joined the Assassins Guild and elected to accompany him after she left, was that she was collecting death energy to nourish her undead baby. It is still hungry though, and she believes that new life is the only way to save it, so she is going to give it the life of Clarice's unborn child. Deadpool says that he won't let her, but is then attacked by Blackout, allowing Threnody to start siphoning the life out of Clarice. While fighting Blackout, Wade manages to throw one of his katanas at the baby's crib, killing it. Enraged, Threnody attacks Wade, draining a great deal of his life force, but he manages to explain that he only did it to save her the guilt of killing Clarice's baby. Threnody ceases her attack, and walks off with the corpse of her child. Later, Deadpool is back in his apartment explaining to the reader that he's been out of action for a while and is keeping tabs on both Threnody and Clarice, though neither woman wants anything to do with him.

Solicit Synopsis

• After the shocking events of last issue, Wade Wilson is out for revenge…

• …and nobody dishes out revenge quite like the Merc With a Mouth.

• Especially when he’s slicin’ and dicin’ a bunch of assassins who took away someone he cares about.


Blackout is incorrectly called Bloodscream throughout this issue. He is also characterized as a vampire. While a vampire character named Bloodscream does exist, Blackout is the character being depicted in the book.

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