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Quote1 Maybe one day we'll meet again... when you're not hung up on somebody else... and I'm not being hunted for sport! Quote2

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  • Killer Thrill's spaceship

Synopsis for 1st story

Having mistaken Deadpool for Spider-Man due to his black costume, Black Cat flirtatiously approaches him. Deadpool awkwardly attempts to inform her that he's not Spider-Man. Misinterpreting this, Black Cat tells him she can accept that he cannot be Spider-Man all the time and that she wants to give their relationship another shot. Deadpool attempts to excuse himself to go fight crime, but Black Cat accompanies him. Mulling over the moral dilemma of whether or not to take advantage of Black Cat mistaking him for Spider-Man, Deadpool thinks to himself about how lucky Spider-Man is to have such an attractive woman pursuing him. The irate symbiote refuses to shoot a webline and Deadpool falls, but Black Cat catches him and cracks an innuendo about him being out of web-fluid. Concerned about his suit's vehemence towards Spider-Man, Deadpool changes the subject by pointing out a jewelry store burglary seemingly being carried out by a swarm of white rabbits.

Exiting the store, White Rabbit urges her rabbit-masked thugs to load their loot into the van. When one of the thugs protests that they should have stolen the jewelry instead of watches, she snaps that she's a themed villain and that if she doesn't want to lose her branding she has to stick to her gimmick. Deadpool and Black Cat intevene, with the former referencing the "Little Bunny Foo Foo" nursery rhyme. Deadpool is dismayed when White Rabbit doesn't get the reference and protests that she's not a "goon" but a top-tier crime lord, forcing him to explain the joke while Black Cat remarks that "Spider-Man's" witty banter game is off. White Rabbit sics her swarm of rabbits on them, causing Deadpool and Black Cat to laugh until she reveals that the rabbits were genetically engineered to carry a super-virus. The rabbits rapidly mutate into diseased, feral forms and attack Deadpool, while Black Cat uses her probability manipulation powers to dodge White Rabbit's umbrella machine-gun and get up-close and personal.

Watching the battle from their UFO, Killer Thrill asks Guzz and Coldwar what the fluffy white puffballs swarming the symbiote's host are, expressing disgust when told they're rabbits and then delight when told they're diseased. Guzz states they can't risk intervening when they don't know what effects the diseases will have on them, activating a sonic weapon that causes the rabbits' heads to explode. Black Cat and White Rabbit are spattered in rabbit gore, and White Rabbit furiously activates her jet boots and opens fire on Deadpool with her machine-gun. Seeing "Spider-Man" be directly hit, Black Cat is horrified, but to both her and Deadpool's surprise the symbiote blocks the bullets. Gleeful over this new ability, Deadpool prepares to pursue White Rabbit, but is blasted by a bolt of electricity that briefly sears the symbiote off him.

Killer Thrill, Guzz, and Coldwar reveal their presence to their quarry and introduce themselves, with Killer Thrill flirtatiously demanding Deadpool hand over the symbiote. Black Cat asks Deadpool if he knows who the "floozy" is, and is angered when he says he knows a lot of floozies and then asks if she thinks "hand over the klyntar" is an innuendo. Deadpool realizes that he can shoot webs again, then has the epiphany that the suit is doing it for him and that it must be what the three alien bounty hunters are after. Black Cat attacks Killer Thrill with her claws, but Killer Thrill uses her psychic powers in an attempt to fry Black Cat's brain. Angry, Deadpool grabs her by the throat with a tendril and throws her into her comrades, snapping that while the unconscious Black Cat might not know who he really is, he's not going to let her be psychically sucker-punched. Deadpool helps Black Cat to her feet, but Killer Thrill reveals that she's taken control of Black Cat's mind and uses her body to attack him.

While Deadpool is distracted, Killer Thrill retrieves her lazer cannon and prepares to shoot him, but White Rabbit attacks her from behind with carrot-shaped throwing darts to avenge her bunnies. Black Cat collapses back into unconsciousness and Deadpool eases her to the ground, telling her to sleep it off. Killer Thrill compliments White Rabbit, saying that it's the first time she's been hurt by vegetables, and White Rabbit reveals that the carrots aren't vegetables but bombs, triggering them to explode just as Killer Thrill tosses them away. Guzz and Coldwar come to Killer Thrill's defence, but just as they are about to kill White Rabbit, Deadpool attacks in his monstrous form, snaring them with tentacles. He attempts to flirt with White Rabbit, but she flees in terror. The monstrous Deadpool tosses Guzz aside and cheerfully devours Coldwar, revealing him to be a robot. Guzz tells Killer Thrill they have to retreat, to her disappointment. Returning to his slimmer form, Deadpool carries Black Cat away as the police arrive, remarking to himself that as far as first dates go this was a good one. Perched on top of an apartment, he takes stock of his situation, lamenting that he can't even kiss the girl since taking advantage of Black Cat thinking he's Spider-Man would be too creepy even for him. Leaving Black Cat on the roof of the apartment, Deadpool web-swings away, oblivious to the fact that he's being watched by Kraven the Hunter, who also mistakes him for Spider-Man.

Solicit Synopsis

• Deadpool’s 1980s adventures in the Venom symbiote continue!

• First up — seduced by the semi-criminal wiles of The Black Cat!

• Then — Kraven’s Second-to-Last Hunt!

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