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Quote1 Forget the darts and the knives. You want to kill Spider-Man? Do something he won't expect. Next time... try a gun. Quote2
Deadpool's Black Suit

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans
  • Symbiotes
  • Zn'rx (Referenced) (Unnamed)
  • Mutants (Illusion or holographic simulation)
  • Zsaji's species (Illusion or holographic simulation)
  • Coldwar's species (Illusion or holographic simulation)
  • Kree (Illusion or holographic simulation)
  • Lions
  • Killer Thrill's species
  • Guzz's species




  • Killer Thrill's spaceship


Synopsis for 1st story

Web-swinging through Central Park, Deadpool thinks to himself that bonding to an alien costume ought to be more fun, but ever since it happened he's been overwhelmed with enemies and unusual situations. He pauses to rest on a tree, lamenting that all he wants is a nap, and narrowly evades a flurry of darts, asking if his opponent can cut him some slack.

Snapping that he will show neither slack or mercy, Kraven the Hunter tackles Deadpool to the ground, having mistaken him for Spider-Man and being intent on ending their long enmity. As Kraven prepares to stab him, Deadpool protests that he's got the wrong person and lashes out with a symbiotic tendril, accidentally flipping up the front of Kraven's loincloth. While Deadpool is both disgusted and impressed by Kraven going commando, Kraven recovers and states that Spider-Man's new tricks won't save him. As he launches into a tirade about how he is the Predator's Spirit, Deadpool kicks him in the face and web-swings away. Kraven retaliates with a volley of poisoned darts, which Deadpool attempts to evade only to notice that several hit his back. Crashing into a tree, Deadpool falls to the ground in a delirious state while the symbiote expels the darts, and struggles to get away so that his healing factor can get rid of the toxins. Kraven arrives and finds the discarded darts, sniffing one of them before proclaiming that Spider-Man won't be able to hide for long since he mixed the toxins specifically to bring him down.

Behind Kraven, Deadpool - disguised as a tree using the symbiote's shapeshifting - quips that this is where Kraven's mistaken identity is going to cost him. Sporting a fanged mouth and claws, Deadpool grabs Kraven from behind; the hunter gleefully remarking that Spider-Man has finally given into his rage and predatory side, and that the true hunt can begin. He's interrupted by Deadpool asking if he dyes his hair, and angrily kicks him away, snapping that he won't let his opponent's sarcasm ruin the sacred rite of the hunt. Deadpool begins to come up with a retort before the venom from the darts kicks in, enabling Kraven to attack him. Tossing Kraven aside with tentacles, Deadpool flees in search of a spot to rest, reliving his and the symbiote's memories as a psychedelic nightmare, and sensing the alien's profound loneliness, abandonment, and rage at being abandoned by the one hero it wanted to befriend. Dropping to the ground, Deadpool curls up to sleep the toxins off, not realizing he's landed in a lion enclosure.

As one of the lions curiously sniffs him, Deadpool swats its snout away and grumbles for Aunt May to let him sleep. Suddenly waking up wondering who Aunt May is, Deadpool notices the angry lion, which slashes him across the face. Deadpool prepares to return the favor, but a strange ululating howl interrupts him. Kraven tackles the lion, snapping that no caged beast will take his prey from him. When Deadpool mocks his entrance and calls him a redneck, Kraven kicks him in the face and snaps that it was a Kravinoff virility cry. When he calls Deadpool Spider-Man again, Wade retracts the symbiote to reveal his scarred face, revealing that Kraven has got the wrong person. When Kraven is left speechless by his mistake, Deadpool assures him it was an easy mistake to make; but when he calls Spider-Man awesome the symbiote abruptly seizes control and snarls that Spider-Man is not awesome, but a monster for bringing it to this strange world and abandoning it. As Kraven and the lions watch in stunned silence, Deadpool and the symbiote alternate control as they argue, with Deadpool suggesting the symbiote cut Spider-Man some slack since he's got a lot to worry about, the symbiote angrily cutting him off and snarling that it and Deadpool are one and hate Spider-Man together. Deadpool retorts that the symbiote was trying to control Spider-Man and that at this moment he can see why Spider-Man wouldn't like that. The symbiote is enraged by this insult, shouting that it helped Spider-Man and saved his life, but he left it to die and be hunted. Deadpool tries to calm it down, saying that the symbiote has got him now, that it doesn't need Spider-Man anymore, and can let go of its anger.

Kraven interrupts, saying that Deadpool has made his point and that he can see that he's not Spider-Man. Livid, the symbiote takes over Deadpool and transforms into a bulky, monstrous form. Slamming Kraven to the ground, it snarls that it can tell that the drugs he's been using have left him terminally ill and that if he really wants to kill Spider-Man he should ditch the knives and darts and just use a gun. As the monstrous Deadpool leaves, Kraven stands up, awed into believing the symbiote to be a dark spirit imitating Spider-Man's form to tell him what must be done, and vows to hunt Spider-Man one last time.

The next day, Deadpool awakens on a rooftop, covered in pigeons and guano. He assumes his argument with the symbiote was nothing more than a nightmare induced by the poisoned darts, and remarks that he hopes he's seen the last of Kraven and his venom. Elsewhere, Killer Thrill vows to avenge Coldwar, saying that only she should be allowed to kill her teammates. She asks Guzz if he's found a way to lure the symbiote to them, and Guzz replies that because the symbiote has a connection to its past hosts, the easiest way to draw it out would be capturing and torturing Spider-Man.

Solicit Synopsis

• Deadpool’s 1980s adventures in the Venom symbiote continue!

• First up — seduced by the semi-criminal wiles of The Black Cat!

• Then — Kraven’s Second-to-Last Hunt!


  • While most of the editorial notes in this mini-series are nonsensical, there's a reference to a very obscure character named Thundersword which is as real as it is funny.
  • Deadpool's and the Symbiote's argument is a reference to the argument between Smeagol and Gollum in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers film.
  • The cover is an homage to Amazing Spider-Man #294, that takes place during Kraven's Last Hunt.

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