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Quote1 Hey, pal. You look a little lost... like maybe you need a friend. Don't worry... I'm not talking about me. Sooner or later, I rub everybody the wrong way. But... you never know. You might find what you're looking for inside. Quote2
Wade Wilson

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Synopsis for 1st story

While web-swinging through New York, Spider-Man is struck by a beam of energy. In too much pain to think properly, he barely manages to shoot a webline and stop himself from falling to his death, crash-landing on a rooftop. Killer Thrill expresses disappointment that Spider-Man survived and is scolded by Guzz, who tells her they need him alive if they want to lure the symbiotes in. Killer Thrill disembarks to collect Spider-Man, gleefully remarking on the horrific tortures she's planning to inflict on him.

Elsewhere, Deadpool perches on a street light when the symbiote senses Spider-Man is in pain and takes control of its host to head to his location, Deadpool intending to save Spider-Man and the symbiote to kill him itself. Deadpool expresses confusion at his sudden urges to kill his idol, hoping he gets himself sorted out before arriving.

At an abandoned warehouse, Killer Thrill laments Spider-Man's low pain tolerance as he lies in a pool of his own blood, stating that she plans to keep him so that she can torture him in zero gravity. Guzz tells her the symbiote is getting close, just as Deadpool crashes through a window in his bulky monstrous form, the symbiote in full control. Complementing her choice of location, the Venomized Deadpool lunges at her and snarls that he's going to eat her brains. Guzz blasts Deadpool with a sonic cannon, destabilizing the symbiote, and Killer Thrill kicks him in the chest. The symbiote separates from Deadpool to give him an opportunity to shoot the sonic cannon. Kicking Guzz aside, Deadpool realizes how much the symbiote was adversely affecting his already messed-up thoughts; but it rebonds to him and takes over again. Killer Thrill launches an I-bar at him with her psychokinesis, but Deadpool morphs his arm into a blade and cuts it in half, snarling that it will take more than that to stop him. She attacks Deadpool's brain with a psychic blast, but the symbiote scolds her for forgetting it and its host are a team, slicing off her left arm with its tongue. As Killer Thrill clutches her bleeding stump and complains that the symbiote is being mean, it quips she hasn't seen anything yet before devouring her severed arm.

Guzz calls an end to the fight and drags Killer Thrill to the safety of their spaceship, telling her she'll need to get a new arm when she asks him to retrieve it. Having finished eating Killer Thrill's arm, Deadpool chases after them and jumps onto their spaceship, intent on eating them both. The spaceship blasts him off and flies away, so Deadpool turns his attention to the unconscious Spider-Man, menacingly extending tentacles towards him and snarling that it's time for payback. Inside, Wade desperately fights the symbiote's control until it separates from him, snarling that Wade has to let it kill Spider-Man so that they can be free. Wade tells the symbiote he's not going to let it eat Spider-Man, but the alien can't reply to him without a host and ignores him. As the symbiote prepares to devour Spider-Man, Deadpool throws himself in between it and its prey, declaring that if it wants to kill Spider-Man it'll have to go through him. As the symbiote looms over him with its maw open, Deadpool states he understands that it hates Spider-Man for abandoning it, but that devouring friends just isn't something that's permitted on Earth, no matter how mad you are at them, and that if the symbiote really wants to go through with killing Spider-Man then he doesn't want to be bonded to it anymore. Deadpool prepares to be eaten, then opens his eyes to see the furious symbiote leaving.

In deep space, Killer Thrill's space ship approaches that of the one who hired her, Guzz, and Coldwar to capture the symbiote. Disembarking with Guzz, she calls out to her employer, telling them that the longer she's kept waiting the more she'll bleed out onto their floor. Their employer, the Collector, chastises them for failing to capture the symbiote, and Killer Thrill retorts that she barely escaped with her life and that she's not good at bounties that require the target to be brought in alive. The Collector admits that some reward might be in order, remarking that while they may not have captured the symbiote they prevented great cataclysmic chaos from ensuing by separating it from Deadpool. When he remarks that he's still disappointed at not being able to add the symbiote to his collection, Killer Thrill offers him Guzz as a consolation prize, stating that he's not the last of his species but that she'd be more than happy to stop by his homeworld and fix that on her way home.

On Earth, the scorned symbiote returns to Our Lady of Saints Church, followed at a distance by Wade, who chastises himself for acting like a creepy stalker. Wade laments that he can't help but feel responsible for the symbiote and that they made a good team, aside from the bloodlust it felt towards Spider-Man. He remarks to himself that he never thought much of Spider-Man before bonding to the black suit, and wonders if it pushed all the respect and love it felt for Spider-Man onto him. Nearby, Eddie Brock stands in front of the church, trying to talk himself down from committing suicide. Wade approaches him and states that he looks like he could use a friend, suggesting he might find what he's looking for inside the church. Eddie agrees, stating that he has to follow through with something and do something right for once in his life. As Eddie enters the church, attracting the attention of the symbiote, Wade thinks to himself that Eddie seemed like a nice guy and hopes that he gets his head on straight.

Solicit Synopsis

• Deadpool’s adventures in the Venom symbiote conclude!

• Guest-starring… black costume Spider-Man?!

• That’s right – we’ve got everyone’s favorite symbiotic relationship…

• …and the symbiote is there, too!


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