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Appearing in "Head Trip: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Head Trip: Part 5"

Ol' Wade and Dr. Betty turn Zombie Deadpool's head over to A.I.M., but after a change of clothes (but not a shower), Deadpool realizes that if they weaponize the head, everyone on Earth will die. The guys who make Fresca, the iCarly kids, Adam West, Paula Abdul, the guys who make all the add-ons for his favorite post-apocalypse game, everyone! So Wade rescues Head, the shapely Dr. Betty, and while A.I.M. and Hydra shoot it out, they make their escape and head to Florida along with Bill, Agent of A.I.M. to return Head to his own world. Happy!

Solicit Synopsis

After Dodging Dinos, cavemen, and a particularly nasty Zombie T-Rex, our intrepid trio – Deadpool, Dr. Betty and “Headpool” a.k.a. the severed head of Zombie Deadpool -- escape in an >ahem< borrowed Hydra shuttle and head for the A.I.M. space station to deliver their hot bio-cargo. As Hydra calls in a battle frigate to cause a little trouble, Deadpool comes to the sudden realization that a zombie virus unleashed on the world might be, well, a bad idea, and devises an ingenious plan to sneak off with the head.


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