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  • Unnamed purse-snatcher
  • Unnamed bank robbers
  • Loki Laufeyson (First appearance)

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Synopsis for 1st story

A wanted criminal is found snared in a giant spider-web, to the amazement of onlookers. Perched on a nearby rooftop, a silhouetted figure wearing a web-patterned mask calls Iron Man on a smartphone to tell him the job is done. Congratulating the spider-themed hero, Iron Man states that a new recruit has been sent to Japan to join the Samurai Squad - the spider-themed hero dropping the smartphone in horror upon learning that it's Deadpool.

Wearing star-shaped sunglasses, a hat, and a kimono over his costume, Deadpool quips that it's his first time in Japan but it brings back old memories. Abruptly, a thief on a motorized scooter snatches a woman's purse - Deadpool grumbling about how clichéd this development is and that he thought Japan had a low crime-rate. Deadpool throws a tantō into the back wheel of the scooter, causing it to go out of control and careen towards a young woman crossing the street. A web-line snags the vehicle and stops it, Deadpool turning expecting to see Spider-Man only to instead find himself looking at a young woman clad in a costume with a hood resembling Spider-Man's mask. As the woman asks him to help her fight for justice as a member of Samurai Squad, Deadpool - disappointed and annoyed - complains about the writers shoehorning in an original character. The woman introduces herself as Sakura Spider, but Deadpool interrupts her recap of her backstory and grumps that she's a blatant ripoff of Spider-Man thrown in to help boost Deadpool: Samurai's popularity. Pulling out a character profile, he notes that her hot-blooded personality is old-fashioned and out-of-date with the tastes of current Jump readers. Confused and annoyed by him breaking the fourth wall, Sakura Spider snaps that she hates people who claim to be heroes but don't act the part. Deadpool predicts that with dialogue like that she'll end up being his love-interest, infuriating Sakura Spider even more. Hearing sirens, Sakura Spider spots a convoy of police cars driving past and wonders where they're going. Grabbing Deadpool - who makes an innuendo about the tip of his mask being sensitive - she takes off after the police.

At a nearby bank, a troup of armed robbers takes a young girl hostage as the police attempt to talk him down. Deadpool approaches, declaring himself and Sakura Spider to be members of the Avengers. A small child asks Deadpool for his autograph, which he signs with the signatures of Sanshirou Kasama and Hikaru Uesugi - to the child's bemused disgust. Taking a megaphone from a police officer, Deadpool swears into it so crassly his speech bubble is censored. As the robbers react in confused anger, Deadpool says he was wanting to see what sort of language he could get away with in Jump+. The robbers open fire, Sakura Spider scolding Deadpool for angering them as they crouch behind a police car. Saying it's too dangerous to take the robbers head-on, Sakura Spider proposes circling around and attacking them from the side. Completely ignoring her, Deadpool vaults over the police car -- quipping to the incredulous Sakura Spider that while she may need more screen-time to boost her popularity with the readers, he's the main character. Pulling out his pistols, Deadpool shoots the gun out of the hands of one of the robbers, evading the others' attempts to shoot him. The robber he disarmed grabs a Gatling gun, Deadpool trying to bullet-time dodge the barrage a la The Matrix only to be riddled with bullets. Grabbing a pair of combat knives, the leader of the robbers declares his intent to finish Deadpool off, Sakura Spider taking advantage of the distraction to rescue the hostages. Regenerating, Deadpool slices two of the robbers apart with his katana - lying that he used the backs of his swords when Sakura Spider berates him for killing them. The onlooking civilians cheer the two heroes and the child from before asks Deadpool for another autograph, having thrown out the first one. Turning to Sakura Spider, Deadpool admits that being a hero isn't so bad - causing her to smile, though she asks that in the future he reign in his recklessness - warning him that the world they live in has many supervillains and monsters. Deadpool jokes that they'll probably all be ripoffs like her before noticing that one of the robbers is missing.

Nearby, the robber struggles in the grip of Loki Laufeyson, who sneers that he failed before turning the man into a piglet. Smirking, Loki notes that Deadpool playing around being a hero doesn't suit him, declaring his intent to deliver a wakeup call.

A police officer takes statements from Deadpool and Sakura Spider, the latter interrupting his attempt to introduce himself as Spider-Man by saying their team is called Samurai Squad only to be infuriated when he rips off the "With great power comes great responsibility" catchphrase.


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