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Quote1.png Shut up! The old Spidey-tracer trick I can't believe you still get away with that. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Suicide Kings, Part 4: Joker's Wild"

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Synopsis for "Suicide Kings, Part 4: Joker's Wild"

Deadpool wakes up from having his head blown open, and finds Daredevil and Spider-Man, who both believe he's innocent. They go looking for Tombstone, but he's gone to see The Hood to get some hired muscle for help. When the Punisher finally catches up with Deadpool, he's finally convinced that Wade is telling the truth that he was set up. Spidey and Deadpool ultimately catch up to Tombstone, but the Wrecking Crew have caught up to them.

Solicit Synopsis

“SUICIDE KINGS,” PART 4: JOKER’S WILD Deadpool’s been framed. No, really! This time, Wade didn’t do it! To prove his innocence and find the person responsible, he’s got to avoid the Punisher (wants to kill him) and Spider-Man (wants to web him). Luckily for Wade, a certain Man Without Fear believes his story…


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