Quote1 You mean Tomb? No worries there -- he's been taken to the po-po by some buddies of mine. He's about to do some serious time. I'm talkin' "wearing-a-dress" time. Quote2
-- Deadpool

Appearing in "Suicide Kings Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Suicide Kings Part 5"

Deadpool and friends take down the Wrecking Crew, and then Tombstone. And Deadpool does sometime nice for Outlaw by buying her a whole new place, fully furnished. So she gives him a reward.

Solicit Synopsis

Deadpool is finally proven innocent, and everyone knows it. But now it's personal for the Merc with a Mouth. Having been battered, stabbed, and broken, Deadpool is jonesing for payback. And the only thing that can scratch that itch is bringing down Tombstone. Unfortunately, the only person who can protect him is the Hood…but will he?


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