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Quote1.png Edsel, huh? Good name for yer little tank...'cause for all the crud you three just put me through -- I'm gonna make you all obsolete! Quote2.png

Appearing in "...And Quacks Like a Duck..."

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Synopsis for "...And Quacks Like a Duck..."

The Executive Elite try to take out Deadpool to find out what he knows about Tolliver's will. Unfortunately, is was a trap so Weasel could get his hands on the disc that they had. Deadpool takes out Makeshift and Rive, while Weasel takes out Commcast and gets the disc. He combines it with theirs and learn that the prize is in Nepal. Copycat, though, has found her way there first and manages to get inside, only to be captured by Slayback, who wants to kill Deadpool for killing him.


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