Quote1 This Deadpool... My Deadpool, as I thought of him... He was enjoying himself... Even in the middle of all this insanity. Quote2
-- Liz src

This Deadpool was very different from the others. He rebelled against the idea of turning humans into zombies and zombies into Deadpools and because of this, he was made an outcast. According to him, he stabbed his own head to stop hearing the voices that everyone of them heard, cutting his connection to the "hive-mind", causing him to lose his memory.

He was found alone by Liz, who initially saw him has threat but began to trust him, and realize he was different from the other Deadpools. He helped Liz rescue her family and other survivors with them from the other Deadpools. Unfortunately, however, her mother turned into one of the Deadpools.

They were now going to a Deadpool-Free Zone, but were attacked by a group of Deadpools. Liz, Deadpool and other survivors were captured; fortunately, though, Liz's family got away. In the "Deadpool city", Deadpool and Liz made their way to escape, but he started to hear the voices again and they both meet with the Pope Deadpools. Soon, Deadpool started remembering his past and proceeded to kill them (who were apparently the "hive-mind").

They arrived at the Deadpool free-zone and their leader explained he needed to enter in the Deadpool-killing machine so he could end them. He did it despite Liz protests and then carried an infection to kill the Deadpool, also starting deteriorating. He came back to the Deadpool city and started to spread the disease, killing 99% of the Deadpools in the world.[3]


Seemingly those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.

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