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The story starts with news reporter Trish Tilby reporting Deadpool's killing spree since he left the Baxter Building after killing the Fantastic Four. In his spree he already managed to kill Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider and even Howard the Duck, who died roasted.

Meanwhile, Deadpool is battling Spider-Man in the middle of the city where Spidey is mocking Wade about how come when not one of his (Spidey's) villains managed to kill him, Deadpool thinks he has a chance to accomplish this. Deadpool's answer is stalling Spider-Man to shoot him point blank in his head, effectively killing him.

After Spider-Man's death, the Avengers meet to discuss how to deal with Deadpool's killing spree, especially since he now has included Black Panther, Iron Fist and Tigra in his tally. Edwin Jarvis arrives to announce that he found Dr. Hank Pym dead and some Pym Particles missing, revealing that Deadpool did it and he's hidden in the tower, revealing himself by blowing up the Avengers Tower, killing most of the Avengers inside, except for Luke Cage and Thor.

Deadpool fights Cage and reveals that he planted some shrunken bombs inside Luke's coffee, so he can blow them up inside him, bypassing his unbreakable skin. As for Thor, he managed to spark some Pym Particles on Mjolnir making it grow in size when it was flying towards Thor, crushing him to his death.

He then takes on the Hulk, who easily dismembered Deadpool and proceeded to leave, declaring that he wanted to be left alone. While sleeping, however, the Hulk reverted back to Bruce Banner and Deadpool tracked him down in a cave and killed him.

In the aftermath, May Parker and Mary Jane Watson summons a grieving meeting of people who have been affected by Deadpool's killing spree by targeting all of their loved ones, and then she reveals that all the people present offered their valuables possessions to a hitman so he can avenge their deaths once and for all. The hitman is revealed to be Taskmaster, who accepts the job immediately.

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