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As Deadpool's rampage continues, violent riots break out as various superheroes and supervillains are killing one another. Amidst the riots, a group of heroes and villains are about to jump off of a tall building to their deaths in what appears to be a mass suicide pact. In reality, Deadpool has forced the Puppet Master to create puppets of the remaining heroes and villains, and then use the puppets to force the heroes and villains on Earth to kill themselves. Before the heroes and villains can jump, the Punisher shoots who he believes to be Deadpool in the head with a sniper rifle, then tries to finish him off before he can regenerate.

When Punisher reaches the body of "Deadpool", he finds Puppet Master dressed in Deadpool's uniform. The real Deadpool appears behind Punisher and uses a puppet of him to force the hardened vigilante to commit suicide. Deadpool then uses the puppets created for him by Puppet Master to kill several cosmic heroes and villains, including the Silver Surfer, Thanos, and even Galactus.

Eventually, Taskmaster finally tracks down Deadpool to a swamp, where Taskmaster declares that he will give Deadpool a mercy killing. Deadpool notes that Taskmaster may be the only person who understands what he's trying to do, but Taskmaster declares that Deadpool is just insane. Deadpool retorts that he's trying to free everyone from the endless cycle of continuity.

As the fight continues, Taskmaster begins to mimic Deadpool's fighting style and even hear his dark voice. Deadpool notes that when Taskmaster mimics someone's fighting style, he can anticipate their next move. He then asks Taskmaster what's next, causing Taskmaster to realize that the more he fights like Deadpool, he'll start to think like Deadpool, too, causing him to become afraid. Man-Thing then appears behind Taskmaster, and the mercenary is so afraid that he is burned to death by his touch.

Deadpool convinces Man-Thing to destroy himself so that he can travel to the Nexus of All Realities. He then ends up in a room where he sees the writers of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe plotting the comic's ending. As he approaches them for the kill, Deadpool addresses the reader, telling them that once he's done with the writers, "I'll find you soon enough."

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