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Synopsis for "As Inez Does (A Love Story)"

DP is lured by Inez posing as a doctor to a clinic where organs are procured and sold illegally.

Solicit Synopsis

Almost as famous as Deadpool’s capacity to kill is his capacity for love. Yes, underneath all the scar tissue, lies a heart of mush. Enter Dr. Inez, Clinical Psychologist, informing Deadpool of a secret – a secret so big it could destroy the government’s top agent’s ability to kill and maim: He is 100% certifiable and must be immediately committed! But the Sunshine Rest Home is more than just a place full medicated people – it’s a house of horror, and the good Dr. Inez is chest deep in an insidious plot to deprive men of their sanity. Can Deadpool discover these deceptions before therapy and love turn him soft? Can his handler, “Hydra” Bob, save Deadpool in time for him to save the world from those that kill and need killing? And who are Woodman and Stanley?

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