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Quote1.png BREAKER! BREAKER! This here's the Big Dee Pee! You copy, good buddy? I'm comin' up on your tail! I'm puttin' the hammer down! I'm catchin' you on the flip-side! WE GOT US A CONVOY! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Good Buddies"

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  • U.S. Ace's new semi-trailer truck (Destroyed)
  • Deadpool's semi-trailer truck

Synopsis for "Good Buddies"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

“GOOD BUDDIES” Get ready to hit the road with U.S. ACE, Marvel’s truckin’ hero! He’s back behind the wheels of a big rig with an unlikely partner -- DEADPOOL -- and together they’re puttin’ the hammer down, ridin’ the open road, and decapitatin’ giant killer raccoons. Good times…if they don’t kill each other first! Featuring the working-class villainy of THE HIGHWAYMAN, and the world premiere of the chart-toppin’ “Ballad of U.S. Ace,” composed and performed by Wade Wilson. What part of “Collector’s Item” don’t you understand?

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