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Synopsis for "You Only Die Twice"

Deadpool is sent to retrieve the MacGuffin files by an employer, which he will trade in exchange for a personal surgeon to fix Al's compound fracture. Deadpool ties up a rich Texan and threatens to feed him to hungry dogs unless he reveals where the files are located, and it is implied rich Texan is mauled after Deadpool leaves. Unfortunately, a recently resurrected Vamp-Animus has gotten to the files first and stolen them.

After hijacking a taxi, Deadpool follows him/her to Mooing Mushroom Veggie Burger on the outskirts of Dallas, to discover Arnim Zola is behind the resurrection. Through exposition, Arnim Zola explains that he has been collecting DNA samples of deceased Marvel characters for years, and with pre-formed proto-husks he has created fully functional artificial life. It's like cloning, but faster. After Deadpool shoots Vamp-Animus, Arnim summons 18 more "resurrected rejects" to eliminate Deadpool and collect a sample of his DNA.

In proper fashion, Deadpool mocks these unpopular characters as he kills them (such as The Whizzer's yellow outfit or Mirage's poor headgear design). Deadpool also comes across and kills naked versions of Uncle Ben and Aunt May (who mistake Deadpool for Spider-Man). After eliminating all of the resurrected characters, Deadpool is about to shoot Arnim when a deal is brokered.

At home in San Francisco, it is shown that Al has had her operation and is grateful. Arnim has also provided 4 artificial versions of Gwen Stacy, who are dressed scantily as French Maids to be Deadpool's "work force of the undead".

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