Quote1 You know what? &@#$ tacos. And waiting. Damn you, Bullseye...damn you for making me hurt the ones I love. This time, it's personal. This's for the tacos. Quote2
-- Deadpool

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Synopsis for "Knocking Over the Candy Store"

Bullseye wakes up the in the hospital, having been delivered there by Deadpool. Norman Osborn is furious that Deadpool beat him with a meat hook through the chest. Bullseye tells Osborn that 'Pool wants the game to continue, but he's going to fight him his way, by doing absolutely nothing. Deadpool is going stir crazy waiting for Bullseye to come after him, and finally gets fed up and goes after him himself. Deadpool takes him down again, and Bullseye tells him that Norman wants to pay him off, but secretly it's Bullseye doing the paying. He pays Deadpool a LOT of money,on one condition that he disappears for a while. Deadpool agrees, but starts getting bored after a few weeks, and blows his own brains out.

Solicit Synopsis

BULLSEYE,” Part 3 As the chaos and wanton destruction of their continued battle reaches critical mass, both Deadpool and Bullseye come to the same realization: They don’t want this to end!


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Even though I hold a special place in my heart for the Avengers (both Classic and New) but I have to admit that being the bad guy is quite a lot of fun, and the Dark Avengers are a pretty mean bunch.

Bullseye has always been one of my favourite supervillains, and at the risk of being slapped silly by every Hawkeye fan on the internet, I think he makes a very good Hawkeye. Throw Deadpool, with his classic mix of inane bantering, self-aware speech boxes and fourth-wall shattering, rib-achingly funny one-liners, and you've got yourself a winner.

Without wishing to give too much away, Deadpool dons a suit made out of meat in this chapter, and the sight of him standing there with a pig's head as a helmet alone was worth buying this comic for.

If you're a fan of Bullseye, or Deadpool, or both, or you just want a good laugh, then I'd heartily recommend buying this. Besides Deadpool and Taskmaster's encounter with Norman Osborn's new Blunder- sorry, ThunderBolts, this has been the highlight of the Dark Reign saga so far for me. Thanks, DP, you've made a fan happy once again.
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