Quote1 Deadpool didn't read the brief. He had no idea who he was dealing with. Yet he was the first on his feet and he managed to subdue our entire team. Quote2
-- Steve Rogers

Appearing in "I'm Your Man" (Conclusion)

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Dr. Bong's Henchmen


  • Dr. Bong's Hideout



  • Secret Avengers' rental car
  • Dr. Bong's 18 wheeler

Synopsis for "I'm Your Man" (Conclusion)

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Solicit Synopsis

I’M YOUR MAN, Part 3 (of 3) DOCTOR BONG? Are you SERIOUS?! Wow, this whole team up with the former Captain America to fight terrorists has really gone off the rails and Steve Rogers -- the REAL Steve Rogers – isn’t happy about it. But that’s okay because Deadpool has a plan to make everything right again. Well, not really a plan -- more like an idea, really -- but mostly just some random one-liners and A WHOLE LOTTA GUNS.

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