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Quote1 Wow. Whaddaya know? Logic stops the Juggernaut! Quote2

Appearing in "Mano @ Mano"

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Synopsis for "Mano @ Mano"

Banshee, Siryn, and Deadpool break into Black Tom's castle to try and bring him in. Deadpool finally comes face-to-face with the man that made him like he is today - Killebrew. They manage to beat Tom and Deadpool threatens to kill Killebrew, the only man who can save Tom's life if the Juggernaut doesn't surrender. Interpol takes Tom away, and Deadpool takes Killebrew with him, as he's the only one who can fix his regenerative powers.


The title, Mano-a-mano, is a Spanish and Italian construction meaning "hand to hand". It was used originally for bullfights where two matadors alternate competing for the admiration of the audience. Current Spanish usage describes any kind of competition between two people where they both compete trying to outdo each other.

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