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Is that my apology?!
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It's as close as yer gonna get.
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Deadpool shoots Wolverine
Okay. Well, this is as close as I'm gonna get to accept it.
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Appearing in "Dead: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Dead: Part Two"

Four months ago, Tombstone’s scientist gives him the serum he’s developed to negate Deadpool’s healing factor. In the present, X-Force battles Typhoid Mary and the Hand; when Mary sets the building on fire Wolverine lunges at her and drives them both out of the window. On the way down she thrusts her sword through his neck. Nightcrawler teleports Wolverine to safety while Mary crashes into the street below.

Deadpool, watching from a nearby rooftop, says things are going according to plan, though he and Hydra Bob duck into the shadows as Spider-Man swings by. Tombstone’s agent reports to him that the assassin was killed by the Hand. Tombstone wonders why Fisk is gunning for him.

Reporting to the Kingpin, Typhoid Mary says the assassin was already dead when she got there, when they receive an unexpected visitor.

At X-Force’s headquarters, Wolverine says it was Daken who killed the assassin, probably looking for the serum in order to kill Wolverine, or Deadpool. They learn from the TC that Deadpool blew up several of the Kingpin’s diamond warehouses. Wolverine is outraged that Deadpool is starting a gang war, but Deadpool says it is a smokescreen for their own activities.

Hydra Bob visits Tombstone to say he wants to help kill Deadpool; Tombstone is intrigued but then Bob quickly teleports away. Earlier, Kingpin’s visitor is revealed to be Tombstone. The two crime bosses confer and realize they are being manipulated to think they have attacked each other.

In the present, Tombstone tells his henchman to bring the car around, but the man is confronted by Daken, who has bugged Tombstone’s office and demands to be taken to the lab where the serum was made. Nearby, X-Force discusses how they will handle Daken; Deadpool says he will take care of him while the others obtain the serum.

Realizing his henchman is gone, Tombstone drives to the lab to find the building in flames and his scientist dead.

Solicit Synopsis

Part two of the Epic DEAD storyline.

  • Deadpool is desperate to die. desperate enough to fight Wolverine?
  • Deadpool VS Wolverine. You won't wanna miss this issue.


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