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Appearing in "Paradigm Lost"

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Synopsis for "Paradigm Lost"

Zoe Culloden planned to get promoted to Expediter and visited Montgomery Burns to use his precognition before learning from him that Wade had entered a flux point in his life and that it had something to do with a woman he cared for. She made contact with Vanessa and posed as a fellow prostitute and she learned from Overboss Dixon told the blonde that Wade was a "bloodthirsty animal" after he attacked a British shadow ops installation and killed many.

Monty told Zoe that Wade didn't kill his assigned target during the attack and later, his employers confronted Vanessa before the blonde saved her. Later, Monty still told Zoe that there was a 98% chance that Wade would come out of the flux point an unsuitable candidate for her program because he had cancer. Zoe observed as Wade left Vanessa due to his cancer, much to the prostitute's sadness.

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