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Quote1 Didn't anyone tell you? I'm a riddle, dude. I eat the uncertainty principle for breakfast -- I was born the original loose cannon -- and I am one unpredictable feather-pluckin' walrus! Koo-koo-ka-freakin'-Choo! Quote2

Appearing in ""Operation: That Wacky Doctor's Game!""

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Synopsis for ""Operation: That Wacky Doctor's Game!""

Deadpool, still reeling from the self-reflection brought on by the job offered by Landau, Luckman & Lake to take up hero work, finds himself traveling out to Manchester, New York, hoping to ask out Theresa "Siryn" Cassidy on a date to a nearby monster truck rally, but finds himself unable to work up the courage to do so, instead settling on climbing into a nearby tree to watch her sleep. With Deadpool otherwise occupied, a pair of ninja break into his hideout in Chicago, where they knock out and kidnap Weasel.

After finding Blind Al unreceptive to listening to his girl problems, Deadpool resolves to find someone more pathetic than himself, and decides to seek out Weasel instead- only to discover he and his equipment gone. Following his tracking device, Deadpool chases after his friend to a mysterious compound in the Nevada desert; the school of the mercenary teacher Taskmaster. As Wade fights his way though the students, Taskmaster takes the opportunity to observe and learn Deadpool's fighting style, before confronting him personally. While initially impressed with Deadpool's skill, Taskmaster utilizes his studies to quickly overwhelm and skewer Wade, before knocking him out with a concussive blast.

Waking up deep in the school, Wade reunites with Weasel- who reveals that his kidnapping was set up to offer him a job working for the school full-time, and that he's considering taking the position, but concerned that it feels like he would be betraying Wade by doing so. Seeing Weasel's hesitation, Taskmaster declares that he will speed the process along by removing Wade from the equation by killing him in front of his students, while demonstrating his ability to completely read an opponent.

Taskmaster once again gains a quick upper hand, outmaneuvering him in close combat and knocking him on his back, before drawing his sword and passing a spare to Wade to demonstrate swordplay. This time, as Taskmaster begins to describe his fighting style, Deadpool surprises him by letting go of any kind of fundamental martial training and acting out randomly, breaking into spontaneous dance while overwhelming Taskmaster with unpredictable sucker punches, leading to an embarrassing defeat that causes his current class to abandon the compound altogether. Crushed, Taskmaster declares that Wade is something that should not exist, and that he will ensure that he destroys him, while Wade and Weasel return home.


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