You impress me, Fury. I didn't think you would want to stage Hitler's body like he was another Black Dahlia to cover our tracks.
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Nick Fury (Earth-616) Dark List variant
Nick Fury
...I'm not thinking that, you freak.
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Appearing in "Death Comes To Tinseltown (Or The Last Hitler)"

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  • Time machine
  • Giant robots


Synopsis for "Death Comes To Tinseltown (Or The Last Hitler)"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Another Deadpool FLASHBACK issue! This time...back in the 1950s?!
  • That’s right – Deadpool has gone back in time to save Nick Fury…

…From the menace of TIME-TRAVELING HITLER!


  • The first scene of this issue is a homage to a scene from the German film Downfall, which is specially known for its exploitability for humor. The movie is further referenced when in the end of this scene Hitler states that "If these are my last days, don't tell anybody about them, I don't what any books or especially any films to be made portraying me as the lunatic captain of a sinking ship."

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