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Quote1 Sparing his life is a way to take something back from him... your humanity. Quote2

Appearing in ""This Little Piggy Went...Hey! Where's the Piggy?! Or...Stumped!""

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Synopsis for ""This Little Piggy Went...Hey! Where's the Piggy?! Or...Stumped!""

After reuniting with Weasel and defeating Taskmaster, Deadpool decides to head to their usual haunt at the Hellhouse, where he intends to make a quick payday off of bets to see how long it will take his regenerative healing factor to recover the finger he lost in his sword duel with Taskmaster. Despite the fact that he had previously regrown entire limbs in minutes with ease, Wade struggled with the recently severed digit- which was only exacerbated when his rival T-Ray calls attention to it by placing a $3000 bet that he won't regrow the finger at all, which he promptly wins.

C.F. approaches and gives Deadpool a package addressed to him - a taunting letter from Black Tom Cassidy, and a hand severed during Deadpool's previous battle with the Mutant. Returning home to recover his teleporter and take off after Cassidy, he is intercepted by Blind Al, who has hidden the device to give Wade an excuse to go ask his long-time crush Siryn for help. After a brief back and forth, Wade and Siryn take off after her villainous uncle in the Swiss Alps, only to discover the coordinates left for them have taken them to the wood cabin home of Doctor Killebrew, the scientist responsible for Wade Wilson's transformation into Deadpool.

Killebrew reveals that Tom isn't here, and the message was a ruse to get Wade to return to him, where he expresses a desire to help fix Wade's failing healing factor. At the mention of The Workshop, Wade is set off on a violent trigger and nearly impales Killebrew outright before Siryn is able to talk him down from his episode, sparing the doctor's life. Knowing he doesn't have time to test Wade's mercy or patience with bedside manor, Killebrew decides to cut straight to the point - it's not just Wade's healing factor that's failing, it's his entire body, which is devouring itself from the inside out, killing him rapidly.


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