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Quote1 You wanted to hear my story. Well, here it is: my name is Wade Wilson. I spent a lotta years doin' things I wasn't particularly proud of. Then I got cancer. Then I joned the Weapon X Project, hopin' to find a cure. I gained a healing factor which eliminated the cancer, and most of my skin. Then I washed out of Weapon X as a failed genetic mess. I was discarded, along with dozens of others. Left to rot -- in the dead pool. Busted out. Did a few more things I wasn't particularly proud of before I found my calling -- as Deadpool. Did more stuff. Saved the Universe. Got myself scragged -- woke up here -- wherever "here" is -- with you -- whoever you are. Which brings us to Chapter X: "Egghead gets his neck snapped!" A Quinn Martin Production. Quote2

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