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Appearing in "Typhoid....It Ain't Just Fer Cattle Any More"

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Synopsis for "Typhoid....It Ain't Just Fer Cattle Any More"

Mary and Deadpool fought before she revealed that there never was any money for him, so in order for her to pay off her debt, he had her work for Patch. T-Ray told Weasel that he was going after Deadpool, so the man in red's friend went to his house to warn him, but the two mercenaries encountered each other at Hellhouse and T-Ray insisted that Deadpool made a mistake by bringing Mary there. Then, T-Ray placed a piece of paper on Deadpool's mask and set it on fire and the former kicked Mary out of a window before realizing that he made a mistake. When she got up, she remembered that she had to go to New York to kill Daredevil and wanted Deadpool's help to do it.

Solicit Synopsis

Deadpool and his new girlfriend, Typhoid Mary (Daredevil's ex), go on a romantic date - to the Hellhouse! Plus: it's T-Ray in a big way in a story leading into Daredevil/Deadpool '97! "Deadpool is becoming much more than a sleeper; this maniacal merc has enough fans to beat Batman, Superman and a few Spiderbooks." (Wizard)


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