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I don't know what to say...
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No thanks necessary--
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...other than "get the Hell outta here and don't come back."
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Appearing in "You Have the Right Not To Be Killed"

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Synopsis for "You Have the Right Not To Be Killed"

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TIE-IN TO “NATION X” “WANT YOU TO WANT ME,” PART 3 Cyclops thought he knew how volatile, unpredictable and ultimately destructive Deadpool could be. That’s why, rather than allowing him to enter Utopia, he instead assigned Domino to monitor the would-be X-Man’s actions in San Francisco -- keep him close, but at a safe distance. But with Deadpool, there’s no such thing as a “safe distance”…and Cyclops is about to find out that Deadpool has a plan to do something so heinous that it could destroy all of Utopia!


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