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Quote1 These colors don't run. Unless they have to! Quote2

Appearing in "One of Us (Part III of III) - The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel"

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Synopsis for "One of Us (Part III of III) - The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel"

Deadpool responds to a secret communiqué from Nick Fury aboard the Skrull warship. Nick wants a progress report, and Deadpool assures him that everything is going exactly as he planned. However, one of the Super-Skrulls ("Chilly McHotpants") enters the room and prepares to fight Deadpool. Rather than face him in head-on battle though, Deadpool turns and runs away. The Super-Skrull gives chase, and Deadpool lures him into a damaged area of the ship.

Meanwhile, the Skrull scientist responsible for replicating Deadpool's powers is having difficulty calming the Skrull-Deadpool squadron down. All of the new soldiers appear to suffer Deadpool's inherent madness as well as his powers. They begin blowing each other's heads off.

Deadpool and the Super-Skrull continue to fight within the bowels of the ship. The Super-Skrull prefers using Iceman's ice-generation powers in his efforts to kill Deadpool. Deadpool pulls down a water pipe and aims it at the Super-Skrull just as he begins to project another ice-blast. The water flow ices on impact, freezing the Super-Skrull into place.

Deadpool then makes his way to the laboratory where he finds the Skrull scientist. The scientist tells the super Skrulls to get Deadpool, at which point Wade tells him they already have. The scientist turns around and is shocked to see the super skrulls start to swell and deform. He explains how he tricked the Skrulls into trying to replicate his powers. What they failed to consider was that Deadpool's regeneration abilities aren't naturally part of him, they are tailor-made to his specific DNA as a means of counteracting the cancer running through his system to grow new cells as fast as he is losing them. As the Skrulls did not replicate Deadpool's cancer, there is no counter-agent to compensate for the regeneration powers. In essence, the Skrull warriors' bodies "over-heal", destabilizing their biology until they explode.

Deadpool kills the Skrull scientist then embarks upon his true mission. He is to steal information on Skrull biology from the laboratory's mainframe and upload it to Nick Fury. Deadpool keys in the proper sequences, but Fury doesn't receive the file as expected. The file is secretly intercepted by Norman Osborn.

Solicit Synopsis


"ONE OF US," PART 3. As the next generation of Super-Skrull prepares to wreak havoc on our unsuspecting planet, Deadpool reveals his ultimate plan - a plan that is completely and utterly insane. Will it succeed? Will it fail? Will it... do BOTH? Don't miss out on the event that will re-establish Deadpool as one of the most controversial characters in the Marvel Universe! WE TOLD YOU HE'D BE BACK!


  • This issue shipped on October 9th, 2008.
  • The Skrull language can be deciphered with translations seen in Secret Invasion #5. The expletive the Skrull scientist utters after "What the" appears to say, "(iNSERT?"

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