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Appearing in ""Horror Business Part One: Gross Misconduct""

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Synopsis for ""Horror Business Part One: Gross Misconduct""

After not getting paid for his last two missions, Deadpool turns to Zeke who offers him a job to go to eastern Europe to bring back his wife and kill Doctor Druek Lovosno. Deadpool Arrives in eastern Europe, with out his mask the cops mistakes him as a zombie and hold him in a cell. After a few minutes the cops on guard are killed by Zeke's henchmen and free Deadpool, Deadpool questions how they knew where he was, and they tell him there's a tracker in the handle of the gun which he knew the weigh felt off when he got it from Zeke. Deadpool then easily kills all the henchmen. He then head of to look for the doctors home base. At the foot to the entrance he encounters a real hunch back and is surprised to find one living, they talk and he's made to sign waivers and medical forms for 2 hours, then offer Deadpool some Water it turns out to be poison, and the Doctor is shown standing over Deadpool and talking to Zeke on the phone telling him that Deadpool has arrived.

Solicit Synopsis

His mission in “Secret Invasion” completed, Deadpool goes back to business as usual, completely unaware that he’s been sold up the river by a villain of incalculable guile -- a villain who won’t soon forget -- or forgive -- Wade’s sins. As the Skrull War winds to its climactic conclusion, the Merc with a Mouth has no idea that the worst for him is yet ahead.


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