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DeadpoolQuote1 Man, this is freakin' my #&$% out... Quote2
Deadpool's Inner VoiceQuote1 What, touchin' 'em?. We touch ourself all the time! Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 I know, but... I dunno. I just hate it. Quote2
Deadpool's Inner VoiceQuote1 Well, that makes sense... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 It does? Quote2
Deadpool's Inner VoiceQuote1 Oh yeah. Makes perfect sense, actually. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Why? Quote2
Deadpool's Inner VoiceQuote1 Because we hate ourself. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Yeah, I guess that does make sense. That's probably why I hated Whitby so much: she was trying to be just like me! Quote2

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Solicit Synopsis

You Complete Me, Conclusion Uh, so yeah..... it turns out Dr. Ella Whitby's obsession with Deadpool goes deeper than anyone could've imagined-even Deadpool. And his imagination, it has been said, is almost "Bruckheimerian" in scope. How bad is it? For starters, she's been collecting his severed body parts for the last few years and has been keeping them frozen in her apartment........


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