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Quote1 I am letting you go, Mr. Wilson. Quote2

Appearing in "Dead: Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Dead: Part Three"

Tombstone meets with Kingpin about their mutual Deadpool problem; Tombstone says has no more of the serum. Deadpool calls Daken at a restaurant, where he has planted dynamite under his chair, and tells him Wolverine says to leave town. After they chat Deadpool removes the dynamite and leaves. Later, meeting with X-Force, he says he doesn’t know where Daken is. Wolverine says Kingpin is holed up in his building, but Deadpool says he has a man on the inside.

Kingpin and Typhoid Mary have captured Hydra Bob as bait for Deadpool. X-Force arrives and fights the Hand bodyguards. Psylocke realizes that Deadpool has been using them all; Nightcrawler teleports away with her, and Deadpool pins down Wolverine and Fantomex by blasting a huge statue on top of them. He passes the imprisoned Hydra Bob who asks why he let him get kidnapped; Deadpool feels guilty but stays in pursuit of Kingpin, and confronts him on the roof. X-Force arrives to challenge Deadpool and he tries to distract them with explosives, but Fantomex shoots them back at him and blows up the helicopter behind him. Fisk jumps off the roof with a parachute.

As Wolverine wonders whether to pursue Kingpin or interrogate Deadpool, he is shot by Daken from a neighboring rooftop with the serum. Deadpool say she knew one of them would come up with it sooner or later, but before he can teleport over to fight Daken and take the serum, Hydra Bob stabs him in the chest with another vial of the serum.

Solicit Synopsis

• ’Pool’s Epic “Dead” Storyline Continues!
• Deadpool Wants To Die…Can He Make It Happen?

• Will X-Force Stop Him…Or Pull The Trigger?


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