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Quote1 Then it's settled. Deadpool dies. Quote2

Appearing in "Dead: Part Four"

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Synopsis for "Dead: Part Four"

Deadpool teleports away with Hydra Bob and asks how he got ahold of the serum. He says when he visited Tombstone in issue Vol 1 51 he did in fact make a deal with him between panels, receiving a dose of the serum before he was teleported away. Rather than be upset at this betrayal, Deadpool is delighted, since it is after all exactly what he wanted. Now with his healing factor negated, he just needs someone to kill him. He teleports back to X-Force who are very upset at him. Wolverine says the serum doesn’t work anyway, which is upsetting to Deadpool, until he learns that it only works on him. Wolverine takes a swipe at him but he teleports away.

Arriving in Bob’s apartment, he excitedly says he’s created the perfect death trap for himself, since four of the planet’s best killers are now gunning for him. Bob hits him with a frying pan and says he hates him for using him the way he did. Bob hoped that by injecting him and making him mortal Deadpool would pull back from the edge, but he hasn’t. Deadpool wants a spectacular death so that everyone will remember him, but Hydra Bob says if he isn’t shot to death by Tombstone, then Tombstone will come after Bob. Bob asks if Deadpool ever contemplated that his death could have consequences for other people. He admits he did not.

X-Force assembles and prepares to find and kill Deadpool.

Solicit Synopsis

• Part 4 Of The Deadpool Epic, “Dead”!
• Deadpool Is Desperate To End It All! Will He Get His Wish?

• Would Marvel Really Kill Off A Character With A Movie Rumored?!?


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