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Quote1 Just so you know? This was all my plan, not yours. I used you. You gave me exactly what I wanted. I wanna die. Quote2

Appearing in "Dead: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Dead: Part 5"

Hydra Bob is worried about Tombstone coming for him if he fails to kill Deadpool, but Deadpool says X-Force is the bigger danger at the moment. Suddenly Tombstone appears and blasts his teleporter. Hoping to protect Bob Deadool tells him to use the fire escape as he opens fire on Tombstone, to no avail. They flee but Deadpool then throws Hydra Bob in Tombstone’s path to escape, but it’s really just to buy enough time to commandeer a dump truck which he uses to slam into Tombstone, pinning him against a wall. He tells Tombstone that he does want to die but it won’t be Tombstone who pulls the trigger, and leaves him there.

Elsewhere, X-Force plans to find and kill Deadpool.

Hydra Bob says Tombstone won’t stop coming after him and Deadpool should just kill him now; Deadpool says he’ll figure out a way to protect Bob. Realizing now how easy and ordinary death would be, Deadpool finds it unworthy of Death and resolves to save both Bob’s life and his own. They take off their costumes to blend in with normal people, and head to Grand Central Station.

Psylocke and Nightcrawler are already there on the lookout for them. Deadpool realizes Psylocke will pick up on Bob’s panic so he sends him to buy donuts. Deadpool manages to knock out Psylocke and Nightcrawler but is caught by Wolverine before he and Bob can board the train. After a brief scuffle, Deadpool says if they allow him to save Hydra Bob’s life then he will return and let them kill him; Wolverine agrees. He tells Hydra Bob that as long as he’s alive, Tombstone won’t come for Bob. Bob asks how he can stay alive without his healing factor; Wade says the impossible is what he does best.

In an epilogue, Kingpin refuses an offer from Tombstone to team up and take down Deadpool, saying Deadpool is no longer his problem. Daken tells the Kingpin that Tombstone is the one who caused all these problems by developing the serum, and asks if he wants to send his ninjas after him.

Solicit Synopsis

• Finale of epic DEAD storyline!

• Does Deadpool get his wish and die?

• Do you expect us to spoil the ending in a solicit?


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