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Quote1 What do I do? Stinky Fish Head and Huey Lewis are holding my lady friend hostage and I only have two bullets left! How in the world am I going to use these conveniently placed Christmas decorations to save her? Quote2

Appearing in "How Low Can You Go? (Part II) - What About Bob?"

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Synopsis for "How Low Can You Go? (Part II) - What About Bob?"

Deadpool decides to rescue his drowning buddy - no, not Bob -- his assault rifle, He then reluctantly helps Bob out of the water, only to learn later that Bob was actually hired to work alongside Tiger Shark. Deadpool forgives him (for now) and the two set a trap for Tiger Shark. When Tiger Shark comes to finish Deadpool off, the Merc with a Mouth sprays him down with a hail of bullets. Tiger Shark takes off, and Deadpool shoots Bob through the hand for his cowardly betrayal. After which, they become buds again. The real power behind Tiger Shark's recent attacks however is H.A.M.M.E.R. leader Norman Osborn. Osborn pulls together a special team to take Deadpool out.

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Bob: Agent of HYDRA is back! But his not-=so-tearful reunion with Deadpool is cut short by Tiger Shark who, for some reason, just won't get over wanting to cut off Wade's head! What's the deal with that? Perhaps there's something Bob's not telling Deadpool? The hottest new title on the stands swerves into a new and bigger direction this issue, heading right toward the dark heart of the Marvel Universe! Don't miss out!


Legacy Numbering[]


X-Men Vol 1 141
The cover to this issue is a pastiche of the original cover to X-Men #141.
  • The title for this issue is taken from the 1991 comedy film, What About Bob?, starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.
  • Deadpool's dream involving Huey Lewis and Stinky Fish Head is poking fun at the 1988 action film, Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis. Willis related jokes have been a recurring theme in the various Deadpool titles over the years. During the dream sequence, Deadpool paraphrases lyrics from two popular Huey Lewis songs, "The Heart of Rock 'n Roll" and "The Power of Love".

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