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Emily PrestonQuote1 Scott... What did you see when that bomb went off? Quote2
Scott AdsitQuote1 I saw... I saw... Deadpool kill his family. Quote2

Appearing in "Out the Window"

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Synopsis for "Out the Window"

In a coroner's office in Chicago, two cops comment that amidst all the horribly mangled corpses of terrorists retrieved from a building, there are two innocnets which they manage to recognize: Joshua Utler, victim of a heart attack, and his daughter Ellie Camacho, found crashed to the ground outside that same building.

Cut to a few hours earlier, when Deadpool is slaughtering U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. agents to protect his Ellie. One of them shoots Wade in the spine, making him fall immobilized in the ground. Squad leader Flag-Smasher then enters, and taunts Deadpool by grabbing Ellie and throwing her out the window. Angry, Deadpool attacks him and only stops from killing Flag-Smasher once Genesis shows up flying by the window with Ellie in his arms.

Deadpool then says he won't kill Flag-Smasher as he has his face and fingerprint (by cutting off his finger), and he's doing that to get at least one day of peace, asking him and U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. to stay away from "me and mine". S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Emily Preston and Scott Adsit then arrive. Preston reminds Wade that Ellie's future depends on child services and other red tape, and Deadpool decides on something to solve this.

Back in the coroner's office, it's revealed the dead Ellie is actually Kid Omega using his powers on the cops. He offers to erase Ellie's memories of the bloodbath, but Deadpool refuses. Back in New York, Deadpool sees Ellie under Preston's custody in Queens, and decides to buy the next door neighbor's house. He gets calls from both his wife Shiklah, telling him that she solved the Vampire situation and returned Dazzler to the 1970s, and Kim the Nightcrawler, who says he and the North Korean "X-Men" are dying.

Next door, Adsit tells Preston he's seen Deadpool in the nearest house, and reveals what he saw in his vision: Wade killing his family.

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