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Sitting in his throneroom, Deadpool complains via the narration boxes about being dragged into an event that has nothing to do with the previous story arcs, before sarcastically recapping the gist of things: Earth is under attack by an evil god named Knull, who calls himself the King in Black and created the symbiotes. Speaking out loud, Deadpool complains that it's like they never left the Bone Beast dimension, Night Wolf asking what the current situation has to do with the Bone Beasts. Retorting that it doesn't, Deadpool complains that they just wrapped up an arc involving carnivorous black ooze only to not only have their comic be cancelled but be forced to spend the final being dragged into an event involving carnivorous black ooze. Confused by Deadpool breaking the fourth wall, Night Wolf asks Elsa Bloodstone what he's talking about; Elsa telling the werewolf to just ignore him and that it's likely residual trauma from having grown his body back from a severed head. Attempting to pacify Deadpool, Night Wolf says that he shares his king's frustration regarding the current situation but asks him to meander back to the point; Elsa congratulates Night-Wolf, who says that Deadpool is a surprisingly effective king provided one can keep him focused. Deadpool grumbles that the main problem is that since they're not in New York City nobody cares about them, but they're close enough to New York to be getting caught in the crossfire anyway. Instructing Jeff the land shark to unfurl a banner, Deadpool proclaims that everyone is forgetting they're an island full of monsters -- the banner displaying homemade trading cards depicting the various inhabitants of the island. As Deadpool states they need to gather a team of the toughest monsters on the island, Night Wolf points out that he already did that; but Deadpool says he can do better and that since it's a tie-in event they need to go big or go home.

Interviewing the various monsters, Deadpool is surprised to see Sauron among them. Stating he has a summer home on the island, Sauron irritably tells Deadpool that he only wants to save the world so that can resume turning people into dinosaurs, and is accepted onto the team. Elsa asks Deadpool why he has photographs of the Wu-Tang Clan on the banner, and Deadpool says it's because they were originally from the island formerly known as Staten. Putting together a team consisting of himself, Elsa, Jeff, Night Wolf, Sauron, Shiny the lava-monster, Fishhead the fish-man, Mister Frosty the living snowman, Kohlaab the Pile, Quonian, Bün Bün the Destroyer, Chet Morita, and Zrrgo; Deadpool prepares to set out but is stopped by a monster priest. As Deadpool tells him to get out of the way of his cool hero-team splash-page, the priest says that Deadpool has no clue what he's up against. As two cultists chant behind him, the priest informs Deadpool of the prophesied coming of the Monster God, who will retake the Earth for monster-kind and usher in an Age of the Monsters. As Night-Wolf dismisses the Deo Monstri Cult as a bunch of crazies, Deadpool scornfully tells the priest he deals with end-of-the-world situations on the daily and isn't impressed. Dismayed, the priest tells Deadpool that as part of his ascension the Monster God will devour the King of the Monsters -- who is currently Deadpool. Pausing, Deadpool verifies that the Deo Monstri Cult want him to get eaten by the Monster God, then incredulously demands to know why the priest would even tell him about the prophecy in the first place. The priest awkwardly says he wanted validation, Deadpool snapping that even if the Deo Monstri Cult is correct, King in Black has nothing to do with the Deo Monstri Cult's prophecy and Knull isn't the Monster God. As Deadpool scornfully tells him to read a comic, the priest angrily saying Deadpool will regret this slight.

Six-and-a-half minutes later, Deadpool and his team fight a symbiote-dragon, Deadpool shouting for them not to let it touch them; Night Wolf asking how they're supposed to even fight it. Elsa agrees with Night Wolf and notes that none of their attacks are injuring it, the symbiote-dragon devouring Mister Frosty. As Deadpool bickers with his team, an orange energy beam burns a hole through one of the symbiote-dragon's wings courtesy of Shiny. As Deadpool tells his team to fall back, Jeff - who had bitten off a chunk of the symbiote-dragon - is taken over by it and chomps down on Deadpool's arm - infecting him with an offshoot. As Elsa reacts in horror at the thought of Deadpool being taken over by a symbiote, Deadpool lops off his infected hand and says this is nothing compared to having grown back from a severed head. As Deadpool declares it's time for "Plan F" and tells his team to strike a pose with angry faces, he's interrupted by Jelby. As Deadpool berates him for ruining the second hero-team splash-page and snaps that he still hasn't forgiven his betrayal in the sixth issue, Jelby reveals he captured Jeff in a bubble and is instantly forgiven. Saying that Jelby just gave him an idea, Deadpool tells his teammates that Plan F has been scrapped in favor of "Plan X". Encasing Deadpool and his squad, Jelby grows to match the symbiote-dragon in size and uses Shiny and Zrrgo's energy beams as a propulsion system - Deadpool gleefully dubbing Jelby's giant form "Deadpool-tron" and saying he always wanted to take part in a kaiju battle. Jelby is able to force the symbiote-dragon back towards a fiery sinkhole, Deadpool lamenting it doesn't have an individual name for him to mock via witty banter. Elsa interrupts to ask how they're going to keep it from flying out just as the symbiote-dragon snares Deadpool's leg with a tendril. Deadpool whispers his plan into Elsa's ear and she kisses him just as the symbiote-dragon yanks him away. As the symbiote-dragon tries to devour him, Deadpool lampshades that the scene is a close-enough recreation of his dream from seventh issue and that they're cramming it into this issue since the volume getting cancelled kiboshed the writer's original plans. As Elsa tells the others to stay back, Jelby jumps into the pit and engulfs the symbiote-dragon, spitting out Deadpool. Deadpool thanks Jelby for the deus-ex-machina and asks if he can salvage Mister Frosty too, saying it's time to take care of Jeff.

Back on Monster Island, Jeff is secured in front of an obscenely massive sound-system, Elsa telling Wade that it's over-kill. Deadpool retorts it's a loan from the Wu-Tang Clan as thanks for saving Staten Island. As everyone puts on noise-cancelling headphones, Deadpool cues the Wu-Tang Clan's song "Tearz" -- blasting the symbiote off Jeff. Restored to normal, Jeff leaps into Deadpool's arms as he orders someone to contain the symbiote before it can recover and take over someone else. Kissing Jeff, Elsa tells Deadpool he needs to find a better solution. Deadpool's grumbling is interrupted by Night Wolf informing him that a large lineup is forming in his throne room -- mostly consisting of damage-complaints -- and that the high priest of the Deo Monstri Cult wanted to inform Deadpool that he was right about Knull not being the Monster God, whose coming is actually prophesied for the year 2022. As Deadpool complains about not getting any gifts or congratulations, the comic ends with an announcement that someone else will be writing the next book.

Solicit Synopsis


• An evil, ancient cult wants to kill DEADPOOL.

• An evil, ancient space god wants to kill Deadpool.

• Why does everyone want to kill Deadpool??? (I mean, we know why…)


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  • Based on the legacy number box on the cover, this issue corresponds to Deadpool #325.

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