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Quote1 We wanted to turn Humans into Zombies ...And Zombies into Deadpools... All so the different splinter groups would have enough members for their softball league or whatever. Quote2
-- Deadpool (Outcast) (Earth-14031)


The Deadpools were created when the original Deadpool sacrificed himself by drinking a sample of his blood with similar properties to the Hunger Virus and letting the Zombies eat him. The ones who did were turned into Deadpools, like part of his essence lived in every zombie turned Deadpool.[1]

However, the Deadpools, instead of protecting the humans from the zombies as they should, they rebelled agains't them, turning the humans into zombies and zombies into Deadpools, by making the zombies eat one of them, just like it was the case when they were born. However, one of them was against the idea. When he sacrificed himself by entering in a Deadpool-killing machine, he brought a infection to the others that destroyed 99% of them. Liz, a survivor that meet with the outcasted Deadpool, realized that there were other remaining Deadpools out there, so she took the alias of Deadpool and decided to kill the rest of them herself.[2]


Transportation: Deadpools' train, Deadpools' Horsecars
Weapons: Various swords and guns

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