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Cut from the U-Men

The autistic young mutant known as Dummy became a student of the Xavier Institute before his powers manifested. When they did he became a sentient gas, which was put in a latex suit that grants him a humanoid appearance and functionality. He later takes part in Xorn's Special Class, along with other students such as Baslisk, Angel Salvadore and Beak.[2]

Dummy, along with the other students of the special class, follows Xorn as he led them in a field trip to the nearby woods of the Xavier Institute for an overnight camping trip. Soon after they were attacked by the U-Men, humans who harvest mutant body parts and graft it onto themselves. Dummy was struck by a one of the U-Men's scalpel projectiles, and he starts to leak away. He is saved by Beak, who covers the hole in his suit with a condom. Xorn takes care of the majority of the U-Men well away from the Special Class. One soldier on his own threatens the group, but the mutant known as Baslisk stuns him with his powers.[2]

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The Death of Dummy

The following day, fellow student Quentin Quire starts a riot over perceived mistreatment. His group take over the main building, while most of the visitors, staff and students are outside. An explosion sends a piece of shrapnel right through Dummy's suit, scattering his gas like form. His final fate is uncertain and though Baslisk claims to later smell him at the Institute's Prize-giving ceremony. Given Basilik's unusual personality, it was probably just a fart joke.[3]


Gaseous Form: Exists in a gaseous form.

Strength level

No strength since he is made of gas.


Contains himself in a specially-designed suit

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