Quote1 I’m not blameless in this matter! I thought students should be seen and not heard! I realize now… how mistaken I was! Quote2
-- Dean Corliss src

Dean Corliss was the head of Empire State University at the time that Peter Parker as well as Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy, and Harry Osborn all began attending. After welcoming them along with a crowd of others to his campus[2], Corliss was not seen again for some time, his absence leading to a campus protest over housing, which was aggravated by attempts by the Kingpin to steal the Tablet of Life during the time it was kept at the university.[3]. As it happened, Corliss had been arguing with the board of trustees to agree on converting an old, disused exhibit hall into a dormitory for low income students, thus ending the protest demonstration. He also asked the police to grant amnesty to the demonstrators after it was shown that their presence during the Tablet’s theft had been coincidental.[1].

Dean Corliss was originally simply an unnamed dean seen from behind in 'Spider-Man' #30. He was only fully seen in #70.

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