Dean Gallows is the son of the Public Eye cop Jake Gallows and of the futurist Anji Gallows.

His childhood was troubled by constant arguments between his parents, his mother claiming Jake gave more time to his job than to his family. They finally split up when Anji had visions of her husband becoming a vigilante with a skull as a symbol.

Dean took his mother's side and cut himself off from Jake. He eventually joined the Ten Minute, who are the better members of the Alchemax Marines, and posed as peace-keeping observers, while in reality, they served to destroy any menaces on Alchemax's mines around the world. Dean compared Ten Minute Club's activities to the world equivalent of Cyber-Nostra's local owns. He was aware of this and assumed it.

During the return of a mission, a sun flare hit the beam, killing six hundreds of the Ten Minute Club's soldiers, and misdirecting Dean and his fellow comrade Chuck into an holo-phone beam, to an apartment. There, Dean constated Chuck's mutation. Attacked by the Public Eye's agents deployed for the black-carder residents, he reveals to possess powers, being mutated as well as his comrade, in another way.

They decide to quit Alchemax, thinking no one will help two mutated veterans. Using his phasing powers and his capacity to travel via the holo-beam, he became a thief, using the apartment where he and Chuck landed as their new home.

To get back at his father, he tried to steal all his money, but his mission was aborted by The Punisher. The two fought before Dean retreated.


He has shown various abilities since his mutation

  • Energy Conversion : Dean is able to convert at will mass to energy
    • Energy Blast
    • Energy Form : Hotwire can use his energy-form at different levels who allows various abilities
      • Intangibility : He can phase through solid matter and energy beams.
      • Travel via holo-beam


Skilled hand-to-hand combatant, trained by his father


His own powers, via holo-beam, formerly Ten Minute's satellite beam.

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